Writing Persuasive Messages

  • Persuasion – the attempt to change someone’s attitudes, beliefs or actions

Using 3 Steps Writing Process for Persuasive Messages

  • Planning
    • Analyzing situation
      • Clarifying your purpose
      • Understand & categorize the audience needs (demographics, psychographics)
    • Gathering information
    • Selecting the right medium
      • Combining personal attention with technological reach
    • Organizing information
      • Limit the scope
      • Mostly use indirect approach
  • Writing
    • Use positive & polite language
    • Understand & respect cultural differences
    • Sensitive to the organizational cultures
    • Establish your credibility
  • Completing
    • Try to judge your argument objectively
    • Do not overestimate your credibility
    • Ask for advice from experienced colleagues

Developing Persuasive Business Messages

  • Strategies for persuasive business messages
    • Framing your arguments
      • AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)
    • Balancing emotional & logical appeals
      • Emotional appeals – connect with the reader’s feelings or sympathies
      • Logical appeals – based on the reader’s notions of reasons (analogy, induction or deduction)
    • Reinforcing your position
      • Use powerful words to convey your message
    • Anticipating objections
      • Avoid the common mistakes of using a hard sell, resisting compromise, relying solely on argumentation & assuming that persuasion is a one-time event
  • Common examples of persuasive messages
    • Persuasive request for action
    • Persuasive presentation of ideas
    • Persuasive claims & request for adjustments

Developing Marketing & Sales Messages

  • Strategies for marketing & sales messages
    • Assessing audience needs
    • Analyzing your competition
    • Determining key selling points & benefits
    • Anticipating purchase objections
    • Applying the AIDA model
    • Writing persuasive messages for social media
      • Facilitate community building
      • Initiate & respond to conversations within the community
      • Identify & support your champions (enthusiastic fans)
      • Do not rely on the news media to distribute your message
      • Use the AIDA model at the right time & places
    • Maintaining high standards of ethics, legal compliance & etiquette

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