Writing Routine & Positive Messages

Using the 3 Steps Process for Routine & Positive Messages

  • Planning : analyze situation, knowing clear purpose, gather information, select the medium & organize the information effectively
  • Writing : adapt to audience, polite, emphasizing the positive, use bias-free language with plain English & active voice
  • Completing : revise & distribute messages effectively

Making Routine Requests

  • Strategy for routine request
    • Place your request first
    • Make a smooth & logical explanation of your request
    • Close message with :
      • Request some specific action
      • Information about how you can be reached
      • An expression of appreciation
  • Common examples of routine request
    • Asking for information & action
      • Simple request : straightforward gets the job done with minimum fuss
      • Complex situation : provide more extensive reasons & justification for the request
    • Asking for recommendation
      • Always ask for permission before using someone as a reference
    • Making claims & requesting adjustment
      • Explain the problem & give details
      • Provide backup information
      • Request specific action

Sending Routine Replies & Positive Messages

  • Strategy for routine replies & positive messages
    • Start with the main idea
      • The good news
      • Clear & concise opening
    • Provide necessary details & explanations
      • Explain the point
      • Try to embed any negative information in a positive context
    • End with courteous close
      • Highlighting the benefits for audience
      • Expressing appreciation
      • State clearly who is in charge for follow-up
  • Common examples of routine replies & positive messages
    • Answering request for information & action
    • Granting claims & request for adjustment (depends on who is at fault?)
      Your Company’s Fault Customer’s Fault Third Party’
      – Acknowledge the complaint

      – Sympathize

      – Take responsibility

      – Explain the solution

      – Repair the relationship

      – Follow-up

      – Acknowledge the complaint

      – try to discourage repeated mistakes without insulting the customers

      – courteous close

      – Response depends on your company’s agreements with that organization
    • Providing recommendation, relevant details :
      • Candidate’s full name
      • Objective the candidate seeking
      • Nature of relationship
      • Indication (answering request @ taking initiative to write)
      • Relevant facts & evidence
      • Overall evaluation of the candidate’s suitability for the opportunity
    • Creating informative messages
      • State purpose
      • Provide necessary details
      • Courteous close
    • Fostering goodwill
      • Sending congratulations
      • Appreciation messages
      • Offering condolences

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