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Cheerful, Motivating, Heart-warming Hindi Songs

Gloomy day? Need something fresh for your ears? And perhaps eyes (music videos)?

I do recommend these 5 songs from 5 different Hindi movies. Nice music and lyrics :

1. Love You Zindagi – Jasleen Royal
OST Dear Zindagi
2. Matargashti – Mohit Chauhan
OST Tamasha
3. Love Is Waste of Time – Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal
4. My Dil Goes Mmmm – Shaan, Gayatri Iyer
OST Salaam Namaste
5. Rang Re – Shreya Goshal
OST Tutak Tutak Tutiya

I don’t watch Dear Zindagi yet (waiting it comes out on TV) but I love the song. In fact, I love the whole soundtrack! The music, the voices, the lyrics, really got positive aura. For the cast, nothing much to say about Shah Rukh but Alia Bhatt yes, she’s an actress that I want to watch more and more. A shining, young and talented star.

Matargashti also came from a film that I don’t watch yet (in wish list of course). A cheerful, fun song not only to hear but also to watch. Well, it’s Ranbir! With Deepika! Even Hollywood would love them.

PK had brought Bollywood to another level in film industry. Not in physical-look way. It’s the contents. Portraying religious matters in humour but still delivering the messages is not an easy task. The whole soundtrack are enjoyable. “Love Is Waste of Time” is the one that can make you smile, even laugh if you watch the music video.

Salaam Namaste was a pretty brave Hindi film in terms of conventional Indian’s culture and morality. Highlighting the sex scenes was kind of rare in that period of time. I can say, it’s like watching a Hollywood movie with different language, got singing and dancing along the way. “My Dil Goes Mmmm” able to tickle your heart a bit, make us cherish the differences we have with our partners.

When his name on the list, it’s enough to attract me to the film; Prabhudeva. As Indian version of Michael Jackson, his moves always captivating. In Tutak Tutak Tutiya, the heroin stole the show. Carrying two different roles (decent, conventional lady, Devi and Ruby, an ambitious, sexy, confident actress), Tamannaah did an excellent job. Ranga Re is a song that full with liveliness; how colourful, wonderful the world is. It has a power to energise a tired soul especially for ladies.

These were just my personal opinions. There are millions of songs in the world. Millions of it are Hindi. Just sharing a humble inspiration. I do have other (too many) favourite songs which include Malay, English, Latin, even Japanese. It’s just, Hindi got a special place.